Ink Options


Here are the standard inks we offer. If you need a particular color that you don’t see listed here, we can mix it for you for an additional $15 / color.

(The information on this page applies to BULK orders only)

Fire Red
Warm Red
Rhodamine Red
Rubine Red
Reflex Blue
Peacock Blue
Process Blue

The colors you see on your computer screen will vary from the finished product, because without special equipment, computers are unable to accurately represent colors. (Because of variables like the brightness setting on your monitor, or the amount of light in the room.) The colors are presented here to give you a
general idea  of our standard inks. If you are particular about the color you’d like, it’s best to send us a PMS number or a sample of the color you want, pay the $15, and have us mix the ink.

PMS Numbers:
If you supply us with a PMS number, make sure that you obtain it from a
printed , official, professional PMS swatch (a Pantone Formula guide). A PMS number obtained from a computer screen is never
going to be accurate (unless you have one of those very fancy, very expensive monitors calibrated properly in a room with the proper lighting, etc). If you don’t have access to a PMS swatch, you can alternately send (by postal mail) a sample of the color you would like us to match. 

Please take this warning seriously! If you supply us with a PMS number from your computer screen you will very likely be unhappy with the printed result and will not be offered a reprint or refund.

Also Important:
Depending on the vinyl you print on, and which inks you use, the colors can come out a bit darker than normal. Please keep this in mind when choosing your colors. (For example, if you put white ink on red vinyl, it will have a pinkish tone.)

Silver and gold ink is available for the $15 mix charge.

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