Sticker Templates


All of these files have been posted here to help you out! We’ve made sticker ordering a cinch; you just have to select the size of sticker you’d like and fill up the template – make sure to delete ALL the information that’s on the template. These files are going to look very big on your computer screen but please remember that files with a high resolution have to be very large in order to print nicely.

Be warned:  While it is possible to take a low resolution file and manually enlarge the resolution, the quality of the final product will diminish incredibly. In addition, Sticker Guy! is not responsible for improper use of these templates.

To download your file, just right click on the corresponding dimensions and file type and choose “Save Target As…” Any other important messages are already included on the template itself.

Please please rename the file something unique! Not “sticker,” “mysticker” or anything like that, here’s a chance for you to use your imagination and come up with an original file name.

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